Baby Adrien

Who: Adrien

What: In-home baby portrait session

Where: Washington, DC

While I was down in DC visiting my brother’s family and taking photos of my niece Eloise, I snuck in this portrait session with cutie pie Adrien. Adrien’s mom is good friends with my sister-in-law and their babies wore born only a few days apart. I especially loved his big blue eyes and his charming smile while practicing tummy time!

Baby Eloise at Three Months

Who: Eloise Orlee

What: Springtime baby portraiture of my 3-month old niece

I went to visit my brother, sister-in-law and baby niece in the spring just in time for Eloise to begin really smiling! We figured out that she loves getting her lips tickled as a sure fire way to get these adorable looks! What a cutie!

Baby Nova aka Peachy

Who: Nova Joy

What: Baby portraiture

Where: Hong Kong

This is my adorable baby niece! Her family nickname is Peachy since she has a beautiful peach complexion and what is looking to be red peach fuzz hair. We couldn’t resist putting together this peach and flower basket photoshoot while I was visiting them in Hong Kong!

Solan Rath Family

Who: Danielle, Rob and baby Nova Joy

What: In-home newborn session

Where: Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

Allow me to introduce you to my sister’s beautiful family! My niece Nova Joy was born in Hong Kong (where my sister has lived and worked for the last five years) and I got to visit them when Nova was a month old. I love her to pieces and am so proud of my sister and my brother-in-law for being amazing new parents!

Stark Family

Who: Lauren, Scott and baby Jo

What: Bookish in-home family and baby portrait session

Where: Seattle, WA

Lauren and I have been friends since 4th grade and I couldn’t be happier to photograph her family for her. She and her husband and baby live in beautiful Seattle and I was so excited to visit them and meet her baby when she was about three months old! Jo (short for Josephine) shares a name with one of our favorite literary heroines – Jo March from Little Women – so it was only fitting that we incorporated the book into their portrait session. Jo loves to listen to reading aloud, be it a picture book or book for grownups. What a little smartie!

Czuba Tobin Family

Who: Kim, Nathan and baby Vera

What: In-home newborn family portrait session

Where: Chicago, IL

Kim and I were assigned to be roommates our first year at Oberlin College back in 2002. Little did I know we would still be friends 16 years later! Now she is a mama - I'm vkelmpt! I feel so lucky that we’ve got to share the big moments in life together. Here she is with her husband and the adorable Vera in their home in Chicago. Vera is such an even- tempered baby – I barely heard her cry at all during the four days I stayed at their house. I can’t wait to visit again soon!

Solan DeBoinville Family

Who: My brother, sister-in-law and new baby niece

What: In-home newborn family portrait session

Where: Washington, DC

I got to meet my baby niece Eloise for the first time when she turned one month old. She is a tiny bean and we all love her very much!

Filley Family

Who: Chris, Alexis and baby Sofia

What: In-home newborn session

Where: Park Slope, Brooklyn

I photographed this lovely couple’s engagement and wedding and I was so happy to photograph them with their baby daughter when she was just two weeks old! It's such an honor to go into the home of a couple that you've known for years and to not only capture them as they are now but see the past images you've done for them hanging up on the walls! I was absolutely thrilled to see that these lovely folks had a drawing of one of their engagement photos a friend had made for them right above their bed! Swipe right to see the original two photos hanging on the wall. ❤️❤️

Lee Huang Family

Who: Jen, Lawrence and baby Ava

What: In-home baby and family portrait session

Where: Brooklyn, NY

Jen and I grew up in the same town and I was so happy to photograph her and Lawrence’s wedding. I was even happier when she asked me to photograph their new baby daughter at their apartment in Brooklyn! Baby Ava was a few month’s old when we did these portraits and just beginning to smile and react to the camera. What an adorable baby and family!