Most Stylish New Yorkers

One of my favorite assignments at Time Out is shooting "style icons".  My fashionable peak hit in High School, so I have no end of admiration for people who go through their daily lives rocking their style out. TONY's "Most Stylish New Yorkers" issue came out a few weeks ago and here are a few favorite shots/outtakes.

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Caitline MoeNicolette MasonLady BunnyVashtie KolaKevin TownleyJesse KuhnJason Black and Lacy WarnerMichaelangelo L'Acqua


Art School Models

A few months ago I photographed eight professional art school models for Time Out NY (see more photos hereherehere and here). It was my first experience photographing nudes and I gained so much respect for the models and their work during the shoots. Each model has a different background and approach to modelling - the interviews TONY posted are definitely worth reading.