David + Maddie // Virginia Wedding Photography

Three cheers for my little brother and my new sister Maddie on an absolutely beautiful wedding! (You many recognize this handsome couple from their engagement photos). Though I was not the hired photographer for the event, I couldn't resist bringing my camera along and snapping away from the sidelines (when I wasn't too busy partying, of course). The wedding took place at the Airlie Center in Warrenton, VA - an absolutely charming hotel and conference center complex with sprawling grounds and lush gardens. The couples beautiful ketubah was created by artist and letterer Riva Brown of Living Letters Studio; she is a family friend and also designed the ketubah for my wedding and my sister's as well. Another family tradition that I loved was Maddie's veil, which has been worn in her family for four generations. Welcome to our family Maddie, we love you!