photographer inspiration: Amy Stein

photo by Amy Stein from Stranded series

For the images in her series Stranded, Amy Stein seeks out broken down motorists and asks to photograph them. All of her series are compelling, but I kept thinking about this particular one while on a recent long road trip to Ohio.

From her artist statement: Beginning with the government's failed response to the flooding of New Orleans in 2005, the American people suffered through a series of devastating corruptions of their traditional structures of support. Stranded is a meditation on the despondence of the American psyche as this collapse of certainty left the country stuck in an unfamiliar space between distress and relief. In this series the car serves as both figurate symbol of American destiny and a literal representation of the personal breakdowns on the road to that promise. The images live in the road photography tradition of Robert Frank, Stephen Shore and Joel Sternfeld, but where they sought to capture the American experience through "the journey," my photographs seek to tell the story of this time through the journey interrupted. Read more.