photographer inspiration: Matthew Brandt


photo by

Matthew Brandt

from Lakes and Reservoirs series

In this series, Matthew Brandt took photos of lakes and reservoirs, made c-prints, and then soaked each print in the body of water which the photo portrayed. The results are stunning, in my mind. I love how each body of water affects a print in a different way and the variety of colors, shapes and textures that "surface" once the print has been soaked. It makes me wonder what the different chemical compositions of the lakes could be since they have such different results on the prints.

In the age of shooting digitally, I often forget that the print itself is part of the process/final outcome of a photograph. More often than not my photos are "finished" once I've touched up and exported from Light Room.  (Personally I haven't stepped into a darkroom in over 5 years!). But the print/paper can be an incredibly versatile and creative medium. I am reminded of a project one of my classmates did back in Oberlin. She took a box of photo paper to a firing range and shot the paper through with bullets. The light that leaked through the bullet holes created beautiful abstract black and white patterns once the paper had been developed in photo chemicals. The project stuck with me because I rarely think about how the paper/print itself can be manipulated to create unique, original pieces.


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