photographer inspiration: Jeff Seltzer

photos by Jeff Seltzer from Harmony series

I'm seriously digging the work of Jeff Seltzer. The places and objects he captures are elevated from commonplace to extraordinary by his impeccable eye for
pattern, repetition, color and harmonious composition. I like that his work is little eery, mostly due to the lack of people present. It's as if he's the only man left after humankind has ended -- quite fitting considering the faux-rapture yesterday!

From his artist statement:
I find comfort and solace in this otherwise anxiety-producing world by creating a sense of harmony among the seemingly unrelated, mundane data around me. There are so many things I can't control; but what I can control is what I see through my camera and how I present it to the world through careful framing and composition. My interest is generally not with the subject itself, but with the challenge – almost need – of creating and restoring this sense of order (or harmony).

{via [EV +/-] Exposure Compensation}