photographer inspiration: Alessandra Sanguinetti

photos by

Alessandra Sanguinetti

On the left from the series The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of Their Dreams

On the right from the series The Life that Came

I fell in love with Alessandra Sanguinetti's work several years ago. Revisiting her work recently, I was struck by how much can change physically and emotionally in the life of a young adult in just a few short years. The portraits of Guillerima and Belinda in both these series

are heart achingly beautiful, I think especially when viewed side by side.

From Yossi Milo Gallery's press release:

The Life that Came is the continuation of The Adventures of Guille and Belinda and the Enigmatic Meaning of their Dreams, an ongoing series of photographs following the lives of the young cousins Guillermina and Belinda as they grow up on their family’s farm outside Buenos Aires. Cultivating an intimate relationship with the pair, Ms. Sanguinetti has collaborated with the girls since 1999, capturing images inspired by the expectations, fantasies, and fears that accompany the psychological and physical transition from childhood to adulthood.

This sequel...carries the project forward to a new period in the lives of Guille and Belinda as they enter the adult world they once imagined. The fantastical tableaux of personal dreams and lively imagination of the early images give way to more meditative moments as the two cousins shape their own realities, encounter the fragility of changing relationships, and confront early motherhood.

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{photos via Yossi Milo Gallery}